I Once was Lost..

Have you ever been lost? Then you know that feeling of despair welling up within you driving you to do desperate things to get someone’s attention. Your whole life passes before your eyes in a few minutes and you crave for the simplest of things – the safety of your home, the annoying company of people you took for granted and so on. Being lost in an unfamiliar territory is a nightmare. The dangers that surround you are inexplicable. Continue reading “I Once was Lost..”


Glory Allegory.

IT was the morning of another overcast Sunday. Adrian’s dormitory room feebly lit up through its dust-stained windows. Off late, he had grown averse to even waking upon time when it was gloomy outside. ‘Where is the will? I seem to have lost it,’ he grumbled, his eyes barely open. It wasn’t until the previous night that he gave the room some sort of half-hearted dusting, but clearly, there was still more work to be done. If one were to peer in, they would see clutter. It was like walking by an unsavory alley, strewn with chunks of newspapers, soiled clothes and crumpled tote bags.  Twenty minutes later, his alarm rang. Adrian responded, sat up on his bed, looked out at the melancholic sky and then down below at the rest of his university. ‘Thank God it’s the weekend,’ he sighed. It heightened his impatience when he noticed the mess. ‘Really? Am I letting just a little mess get me down?’ And sometimes, he even felt impatient at how impatient he was.He noticed his Bible and Rosary on the side stool, which he prayed the previous night. At times like this, they beckoned. And at the start of this new term, their beckoning was louder than ever. ‘Pay attention!’ He wanted to change his feckless self. He had descended below his mark.
Continue reading “Glory Allegory.”

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